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Meet Only By Midnight

Have you ever wanted to battle mechanical space-spiders that are draining your spaceship of its power? Perhaps in your own hull skimmer with a variety of futuristic weapons and attacks?

Maybe you’d rather see what it’s like to be an advanced Artificial Intelligence—one that doesnt want to destroy all humans, but just wants to escape the dystopian corporation that built it. (Ten minutes of paid advertising watching required to activate the coffee maker? That’s just cruel.)

Or instead you’d like to sorry, our marketing team has informed us we’re not ready to talk about the ghosts yet.

We’re Only By Midnight, an indie game studio based in Edmonton, Canada. Our motto is to “make fun games and have fun doing it.” If you’ve played Curved Space, you know we can deliver on the former. And those of us in the (virtual) office every day know we do pretty well at the latter, too.

OBM came about through the creative collision of our co-founders, Andrew Czarnietzki and Jen LaFace. Andrew’s extensive experience working in serious game development and Jen’s expertise in writing, producing, and dreaming were the perfect combination to create our company.

Currently, our small but super team is hard at work on our next game, Ctrl Alt Deal. We conceived of this game about a year and a half ago, and we’re really glad to see the cultural attitude towards artificial intelligence hasn’t changed at all since then.

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