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AGS 2023 Recap

One of the highlights of 2023 was the second annual AGS. In October, we were thrilled to participate in the Alberta Game Series, hosted by Digital Alberta. And, wow, what a great convention it was!

The AGS was held in our home base of Edmonton, Alberta, and the guest speaker lineup this year was tremendous. (And we’re not just saying that because we were one of the guest speakers.) We had industry luminaries from as far away as England come to discuss animation, community management, project development, and all sorts of exciting and relevant topics. And emcee Belinda Cornish was a gem!

Interactive Director Amber did a fantastic job of presenting. She discussed creating a narrative theme for your video game, and gave the attendees some great tips and ideas. The evening ended with a social networking event at Fu’s Repair Shop. What a cool place! After entering through the “secret” door behind a vending machine, we feasted on dumplings and networked like bosses. Somehow, even though we spent all night at a place called Fu’s, no one made a Fus Ro Dah joke. Missed opportunity.

The second day of panels was just as great as the first. It was hosted in the movie theater next to the hotel, so we got to hunker down in comfy chairs with bags of popcorn while we listened to the speakers. What a cool experience! And, of course, we were able to demo Ctrl Alt Deal and get great feedback from our community.

Thanks so much to all the organizors, sponsors, and presenters that made this an amazing event! We can’t wait for AGS 2024!