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We’re On Our Way to GDC!

With Ctrl Alt Deal’s announcement behind us, we’re focusing on the next important event this year. GDC!

The Game Developers Conference is one of the biggest conventions in the world. Last year, over 28,000 publishers, developers, and industry professionals attended. This year, Only By Midnight will be in attendence honing our skills, networking, and representing Canada and Alberta at this amazing event.

This is a huge opportunity for us! Not only will we get to meet all sorts of amazing people, but we’ll be able to attend sessions discussing developments in programming, animation, art, and writing. We’ll get the latest info on industry trends and workshop our skills to the next level.

And on a more personal level, attending GDC shows that we’re a real company, now. We’ve got a game that looks amazing, one that’s capturing people’s attention and that isn’t quite like anything else out there. That’s exciting and a bit scary! The life of a game developer (or really any artist) is one of uncertainty. You wonder if you’re going to complete what you set out to do, if it will be good, if anyone will ever notice it.

Well, now we have our answers. The game is announced. The buzz is good. And if our GDC calendars are any indication, people have noticed us. We’ve already booked meetings with several publishers and publicists who are very interested in talking about Ctrl Alt Deal.

We’ll be posting all about our GDC experience on social media, so give us a follow on Insta, X, or your platform of choice. You can also pop over to our public Discord to chat with our developers and hear all the news as it comes in.

We’re thrilled to be going to GDC, and we want to offer a special thanks to the Canadian Interactive Alliance, Edmonton Screen Industries Office, and the Trade Commissioner Service of Canada for their support. See you in San Francisco!